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Friday, January 01, 2021

008. 2021 Forecasting


released January 1, 2021
(recorded December 29, 2020) - 1 hour, 32 minutes

APPLE CHANGING PRIVACY: Apple is changing tracking permissions in iOS 14. Sometime in early 2021 people have to opt-in on every app in order to be tracked. Apple is turning off all tracking as the default setting within apps.

What this means is that the personal tracking data collected through the apps will not be available unless we give each app permission to track us. This will be great for personal privacy, but it will be very bad for the targeting ability of businesses.

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Friday, December 11, 2020

002. If You Do Anything, Start


released December 11th, 2020
(recorded December 10, 2020) - 60 minutes

a) Don't Take Our Word For It: Part 2 of our breakdown of the survey from McKinsey published on November 12, 2020 after conducting COVID-19 surveys since April 2020 that provided essential data for the changing consumer behavior you need to plan for.

Big takeaways:

• Due to COVID-19, 8% of Americans began using BOPIS and 18% said they were using it more
• Of those using BOPIS now, 65% said they would continue to use it after COVID-19 crisis has passed. Important no...

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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

001. The Modern Shopper and the Rise of BOPIS


released December 8th, 2020
(recorded December 5, 2020) - 66 minutes

a) Introduction: George and Matt talk about their experiences from their earliest uses of the internet (George in 1996 and Matt in 1988!) and what 2020 has impressed upon us when it comes to changing how we listen to jewelry consumers.

b) Rethink Your eComm: The Rise of "BOPIS" -- what is it, why is it, and why you are behind if you've not explored it and integrated it onto your shopping cart.

c) Don't Take Our Word For It: We cite the survey from McKinsey published on Novembe...

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