120. Inventory Follies: SKUs and Website Compatibility


released February 15, 2022
(recorded February 13, 2022) - 57 minutes

On today's episode of we are talking about the finer details of your ecommerce site that you might be overlooking, or even ignoring, because they seem trivial and a waste of your time. In this topic, we really dive into the different ways to set up an ecommerce site, and how difficult some of them are, but we also explain why the extra effort you put into your website will make it more user friendly. You’ll hear why uploading inventory from your point-of-sale system is a boon for you, but it can result in customer shopping frustrations. We then talk about browser website compatibility issues, and how to validate your site so it’s compatible everywhere. Within each story we share today, you’re sure to hear a few golden nuggets of information that will help you make your jewelry website better.
AT: 02/15/2022 11:20:09 PM  

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