It's the Best Jewelry Website Design Platform

GlitterPaw SoftwareYou sell shiny things so why not use a software system with a shiny name?

In all seriousness, we chose an unusual sounding name because this platform is unusual in what it offers.

Are you a retail jeweler with a physical store? If so, we have a serious question for you to answer: Are you using a POS in your jewelry store that was designed for jewelry, or are you using some off-the-shelf POS with minimal features?

We're betting you are using one of the popular point-of-sale systems that were designed for the jewelry industry. If you're trusting a POS that's specialized in jewelry then you should also trust a website platform specialized in jewelry. The jewelry industry has unique needs that open source websites can't handle unless you think of everything and pay someone for the custom programming. Don't spend a year reinventing the website wheel that's right here in front of you.

The most concise description we can come up with is that it's a simple looking, unified content management system (CMS), customer relationship management system (CRM), jewelry ecommerce website system, and point-of-sale (POS); you might think you need someone to help you with a new jewelry website design, but what you really need is elevate your jewelry brand to meet customer expectations with a minimal learning curve. GlitterPaw is always expanded to include useful internet features and Google suggested features into one platform so you are never paying anything extra to improve your jewelry website design.

Forget about the niggling extra monthly fees

GlitterPaw SoftwareAnother jewelry website design company will charge extra monthly subscriptions fees for SEO tools, ecommerce shipping, PayPay and integration, social media sharing tools, and forms.

While GlitterPaw doesn't have every feature imaginable, we built all the jewelry website features that are needed and expected for a high quality jewelry ecommerce web design. It might even have a few fancy features that we feel you should eventually grow into.

GlitterPaw is a unique approach to website development for jewelers, in that, it's an all-in-one platform without the need for third plugins. But that's okay, because we're pretty sure any feature you can request is already built-in. You'll never have to worry about 3rd party plug-in fees or security holes created by them.

Best of all, we feel that any jewelry website designed with GlitterPaw automatically has a leg up for ranking highly in search results. That's because there are SEO settings built into every feature that follow Google's latest suggestions. Additionally, the frontend layouts are all generated with ADA jewelry website compliance in mind.

Overall, the GlitterPaw Platform will be easy for you to use, your customers will appreciate the information they see on your site, and we expect that your search ranking will reflect your success.

Here are some features of GlitterPaw Software

  • Built in SEO features - easy to manage on a per page and per product basis
  • Library of forms, content layouts, animation effects and other features built in.
  • GlitterPaw has it's own Shopping Cart and merchant system that connects with
  • GlitterPaw is PCI-DDS compliant, although you still need to get your own certification.
  • PayPal BuyNow button integration on a per item basis
  • Contest Module - allows for video, voting, photo or question/answer contests. If you think link building is a hard process then you seriously need to run contests on your website.
  • Unlimited Pages - Create as small or as large of a website as you'd like.
  • Customer Accounts - they create an account to tie into purchases, the Bridal Registry or the Wish Lists.
  • Flexible Content Management System (CMS)
  • Testimonials Module - Allow your customer to leave testimonials right on your site, and show the overall rating.
  • Blog Module - including typical features like keywords and comments
  • Newsletter Module - Build and archive your newsletters on your website then copy the code so you can send it via email.
  • Article Module - Create a library of educational articles that add incredible SEO value to your site.
  • Bridal Registry - you manage it, customers can look up details online.
  • Product Catalog - We've tested catalogs up to 77,000 products.
  • Multiple Product Photos - 9 photos per item, plus 2 more through the Content Swap
  • Unlimited product categories

Every jewelry brand is unique.
Let us help you connect with your customers with a jewelry website design using a website platform that gets you ready for the future of ecommerce.

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