Website Training

Initial training for managing your website is included in your one-time jewelry website design setup cost. We cover all the basics for the everyday management of your website. With every website, you'll get enough telephone training sessions to ensure you know how to use the features that were set up on your site.

POS Training

We will negotiate training as part of the initial setup of the jewelry store POS software. On location training is available by appointment if you in the metro NYC or LA area. Telephone and webinar training is also available. Our goal is to establish a training schedule that is convenient for you and your staff so you can get the most out of the jewelry POS software.

Additional Website Training

After we teach you the basics of managing your products and website content, you will be free to experiment with the various GlitterPaw features found within the CMS console. There are special areas features that you may want some extra tutelage with, including:
  • The SEO Module
  • Managing Smartphone and Tablet Content
  • Contest Module
  • Banner Ad Module
  • Blogging, Newsletter, and Articles Modules
  • Ecommerce Module
  • Using Google Optimizer
  • Language Module
  • Timing Future Content
Training for these, or any other part of GlitterPaw is offered at $150 per hour. Each individual topic usually takes about an hour to cover.