Obviously, We Are
Jewelry Website Designers

Simply put: We make them; customers expect you to have one.

Our cornerstone website product is the GlitterPaw Platform; with it we deploy jewelry website designs and point-of-sale systems for your jewelry brand. It doesn't matter if you need a website for a jewelry designer, for a jewelry vendor or manufacturer, or a jewelry store web design--We've got you covered.

Most likely, any website feature you're thinking of right now is already built into GlitterPaw. With so much built-in you won't pay for monthly subscriptions for 3rd party add-on website features. We won't bore you will all the features this early in our relationship, just trust us that we can handle what you're asking for. We're a bit different and a little bit quirky-albeit-blunt in our approach and what we'll ask of you.

New to the jewelry game?
If you're under 40 years old and new to the jewelry industry, then you probably already know everything we're going to tell you:
  • You need photos of your product

  • Social media sells stuff

  • SEO is a way of website life, like being vegan or paleo

  • More website info means more sales

  • Your website isn't just a brochure

  • You need to be a wizard with your smartphone

Those who started their business after the age of traditional media marketing have a better understanding of how the internet works and how to use it as a woven web of online marketing.

We love you guys! Pick a website design and lets get started, or read about our jewelry brand website features.

Are you a jewelry brand with lots of history?

WebsitesAlright, we get it, you remember the old days of direct mail, word of mouth, billboards, TV commercials, and radio ads. Every time you ran one of those ads people would flock to your door.

Those tactics don't work well now because the baby boomers who responded to those methods are not buying jewelry any more. End of story.

If you want to appeal to the next wave of jewelry buyers you need to understand their customer journey and feed them the content they want.

We put together a page to explain website features jewelry brands should be paying attention to. It explains a lot of our best jewelry web design strategies and and how we make them work on a website.

Lending You A Paw

WebsitesYeah, we know GlitterPaw a funny sounding name for website software.

The basic features include content management, product management, online sales, online marketing, tracking of offline ads, social media sharing, and enough SEO features to choke a horse.

Everything is included to run an ecommerce website, manage useful content, share to social media, and even track results.

We don't build websites using Magento, Wordpress, Joomla or anything else. We will support them, but we are not qualified to deploy those inferior website systems from scratch. (Sorry, not sorry.)

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Inside GlitterPaw you'll find everything you'll need to Make Your Mark online. It's simple to use and surprisingly filled with features.