GlitterPaw Websites for the Retail Jewelry Brand

Connect with today's new generation of tech savvy jewelry customers who are in love with their smartphones and social media. Give them the information they need to make a favorable purchase decision for your brand.

If you want to stand out in this saturated marketplace then you need to pay attention to jewelry website design features that people actually want, rather than forced gimmicky website apps with monthly subscriptions that consumers don't want.

We've outlined just a few of our best jewelry web design ideas and features that were designed with retail brands in mind.

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Time Saving Features

Email Sign-up

Invite customers to create an account on your site and sign up to your email list without any extra 3rd party software.

Built-in Tagging

Meta tags,, and ADA tags built into the system that save you time every month while maintaining your SEO.

Full POS & Website

Replace 2 systems with one unified software system that saves you time and monthly subscription fees to 2 companies.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Relatable Descriptions

Relatable product descriptions help lead customers to specific items intended for holidays, occasions, life milestones, and intended genders. Too many websites for jewelers exist without full descriptions or even hints who the item might be good for.

Attract In-store Buyers

Give local buyers the information they need, when they need it, to make a purchase decision before stepping foot in your door. Your unique online catalog will attract buyers looking for what you are selling.

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Catalog Website

Customers want to know what's in your store along with full product descriptions. Give them what they want to make the purchase decision before walking in your front door.


Ready to take orders online? Every website has the built-in ability for selling. Just let us know when you are ready to take that step.

Reductive Navigation

A reductive navigation helps customers filter through your large product list so they can find what they are looking for much faster.

Wish Lists

Customers can create their own wish lists online or sales associates can do it in the store for them. Throw out wish list cards and let customers use a smartphone or tablet to update their list while in the store.

Brand Building


Collect testimonials right on your website. Send follow-up emails to customers asking for their review.

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Multiple Domain Names

Use multiple domain names to you can track off-line ads or other online ads.

Link to Other Reviews

Link to Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews. Pull them into your website to view directly and ask customers to write reviews on those systems.

Enhanced Marketing Options

Google Remarketing

Allow Google to track who has visited your site so you can target them with AdWords ads in the future.

Facebook Retargeting

Activate Facebook's ability to track visitors to your site so they will see ads on Facebook as a later time.

Discover What's Popular

Track exactly what items and categories are most popular on your website with the built-in tracking. Easier to understand than Google Analytics.

Every brand is unique, and so are their local customers.
Let us help you connect with your local customers while also getting you ready for the future of ecommerce.

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