GlitterPaw Websites for the Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designers are poised to reshape the way everyone shops for jewelry. Designers can sell online, through social media, through their own pop-up shops, and, of course, the traditional method of retail store distribution.

With GlitterPaw Software you will have ore than a simple jewelry website design, you'll have the benefit of an online sales tool, retail POS for your pop-up shops, and a CRM to manage your repeat customers.

We've outlined just a few features on this pages that were created for the modern independent jewelry designer while also keeping in mind the the best ways to maintain relationships with retailers.

Sketch of a jewelry design

Time Saving Features

Inventory Management

Use your website for full inventory management and have access to photos and available inventory from your smartphone wherever you are.

Generate Line Sheets

When you're ready to grow your business into retail stores you'll be able to generate line sheets to print or email to retail store owners.

Enhance Retailer Relationships

Retail Store Locator

You've attracted a large following on social media that wants to know where to purchase your designs locally. Consumers can search by zip code to find their closest store.

Announce Trunk Shows

Create unique landing pages to promote when you and your products will be appearing at special retail events. Send email notifications to customers interested in meeting you in person.

A display of a ollection of jewelry from a single jewelry designer

Notify Retailers

Send notifications to retailers when you finish adding new items to your online catalog.

Retailer Training Tool

Document every detail about each item you sell so retailer sales associates can refer back to your site when they need to answer consumer questions.

Downloadable Data

Retail can log in and download product photography and descriptions or you can provide it to them in CSV format.

Brand Building

Online Catalog

Fill online catalog with or without prices. You can also have retail prices showing to the public and wholesale prices available to retailers who log in.

Example of an Instagram post from a jewelry designer

Share to Social Media

Share to your social media accounts with ease. Descriptions and trackable URLs are generated to make your social media management easier.

Portray Matching Fashions

As the designer, you know exactly what you had in mind when you created your piece. Use your product catalog or the editorial content areas of your site to show consumers how to dress up, dress down, or just casually wear your styles every day.

Track Local Interest

Follow customer interest by states and local areas so you can contact local retailers with proof of local interest and potential sales.

Every designer has their own flair which needs to be captured in their own jewelry web design.
Let us help you connect with your world-wide audience so you can concentrate on being the creative designer and spend less time worrying about your website.

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