All of our jewelry website designs have this stuff...

Some features are so common to the jewelry website design process today that it's a shame to even mention them when there are so many more interesting things to talk about. Alas, in an effort to give full presales support and transparency, this page covers the commonalities of our website design for jewelers. What we're also saying is: if you find a different jewelry website company that doesn't provide these essential features, reconsider.

Jewelry Website Design

We create websites for jewelers. You don't have to worry about doing it yourself because we are here to do it for you with your best interests in mind. Don't worry about typography, color schemes, logo placement, or website styling because we will manage that for you once you've chosen from our jewelry website templates.

Of course you can edit your logo and your fonts on your own, if you'd like, because EVERY website today allows you to edit those features. It is because everyone allows you to edit those features that we decided not to bother mentioning them on our website features page.

Jewelry Website Ownership

You will always own the data and content on your jewelry website, but the way the internet works today, no one truly owns the platform that runs the website. Magento, Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and WordPress are platforms that exist on the internet as part of whatever hosting you pay for.

Back in the day when you purchased software on a CD or DVD, you were responsible for installing it yourself and paying for support. With the internet of things today, you often get support whenever you need it and upgrades when you ask for them.

Website Hosting

Every jewelry website design company has it's own hosting strategy. It's rare that you'll find a company that will use a hosting plan you might already have with BlueHost, HostGator, or GoDaddy. Every jewelry website company standardizes on a specific web platform that works with the software they use. We have 3 different hosting options depending on the website plan you choose from us.

Google Analytics

Google gave the world a free way to track how people use your website. All you need to do is add a small bit of JavaScript code to every page of your website to make it work. Google Analytics can be added to all websites no matter who creates them.

Hero Images

Yes, the home page of your website can have a set of rotating images. These are commonly referred to as hero images. That feature can be added to any page of our websites, and you'll notice that it's common among our jewelry website templates. We should warn you that much of our own research over the years has shown that hero images distract customers and really shouldn't be used.

Any Content Page Type

With more than 150 different built-in page layouts, nothing seems new for us any more. For us, content is content and the specifics don't matter. Functionally, the About Us page of a website is exactly the same as a Staff Bio page, and both of those are exactly the same as a product catalog page.

Every page of your website is an empty container with the same header and footer. You can put anything you like into the container. We'd be glad to talk about your specific page ideas before you sign up for our service. Our system is so flexible that we usually don't need to itemize all the specific page names you'd like to have on your jewelry website.

SSL / Secure Certificates

Every website can have a secure certificate. Although it's true that in the 90s not all websites could be secure, and security back then was very weak by today's standards, today, all websites can be secured.

Companies that offer simple-to-set-up websites usually offer secure certificates as part of their monthly service subscription. Since secure certificates come in different levels with different types of background checks, we can't offer an SSL for free, but we will file the paperwork for you.

Because secure certificates are an extra cost, you are not forced to sign up for one unless you are collecting private information on your website, typically that means selling online. However, Google does state that they favor secure sites and will give a ranking boost to sites that are secure, so it's a good idea to go secure.