033. Blog Optimization and Keyword Research Tools


released March 30, 2021
(recorded March 28, 2021) - 1 hours, 36 minutes

Today we’re giving you some key tips for SEO optimization of your blog posts and reviewing SEO keyword optimization tools.

Image optimization
Make sure images appear nicely on desktop and mobile
Use JPG to increase speed. GIF and PNG really are not good to use.
Use image file names that are optimized with keywords, for example diamond-engagement-ring.jpg
Use alt text to describe the image., for example alt="2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring in platinum"
Include a caption under the image name. The caption should not repeat the alt text, but rather, it should refer to what you mention in the blog post.

Keyword Optimization
Don't use the same keyword over and over again in the blog post. Instead, use related keywords to create a more rounded inclusion of the topic.
You'll have to do some keyword research to figure out what related keywords and search phrases would be. You could do this with a paid keyword research tool or you can do basic with Google search

Internal Links
Perhaps the most overlooked reason for why you should write a blog post is so you can link from the body of the blog to some other page on your website.
Google has a way of recognizing the header, footer, and side navigation of your website. The links in those areas of your pages do not carry as much importance as links within the content of all your pages.

A blog post on a single topic with a link to other areas of your website, content or products, will have more value for your ranking than navigation links.
Google will count the number of links to a page on your site and use that link count as a ranking factor. Link building does not have to be an off-site project, you can do it internally.

Although it is said that you should not link from the same domain to a single page more than 100 times because it can be considered bad for your SEO.

Include Offers or Signups
If you publish blogs regularly you can include an email signup form to allow people to get notified by email every time you publish a new blog.

You can also include an offer signup form that says something like "if you use this special code BLOG1234 code from this post in the form below, we'll send you some sort of offer" Of course that form would also be a signup for your email list.

Social Media
Don't forget to share your latest blog post on social media.
You can share it several times as long as the information is still relevant.
When you do share, change the wording and maybe the image.

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