122. Scary Stories to Tell on a Google Review Page


released February 22, 2022
(recorded February 20, 2022) - 47 minutes

Putting your store's reputation in the hands of online reviews can be scary. Reviews that paint your store in a poor light are common. Many negative online reviews are simple miscommunications, or even a dispute that you thought was already settled! On today's episode of, we are going through Google's newly announced Map Reviews policy and the details of their automated and human content moderation procedures. This is a really good step for Google to take in an effort to protect businesses, such as yourself, from trolls and paid bad review writers claiming to be disgruntled customers. We'll also share some scary stories of how we’ve helped jewelers deal with 1-star reviews. We’re hoping this podcast topic will further enforce due diligence in your account moderation. Let's review!
AT: 02/22/2022 08:07:26 AM  

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