119. Traditional Transitional (Is Old School Marketing Dead? Well, No...)


released February 11, 2022
(recorded February 7, 2022) - 1 hour, 12 minutes

On today's episode of we are talking about traditional marketing and whether or not jewelers should still be using it. We also explore ways to make traditional marketing better, and even trackable. Our source comes from an editorial in the February 2022 issue of Instore Magazine, and we’re super happy to boil down many of the ways we’ve helped jewelers improve their approach to traditional marketing over the years. Newspaper, billboard, radio, direct mail, and TV advertising are not dead, but you need to rethink your older approach if you want a better ROI, which is exactly what you’ll hear in this episode. Let’s get into it.

Traditional Marketing Is Not Dead, And Here’s Why
AT: 02/11/2022 09:05:04 AM  

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