077. The Ranking X-Factors - Correlations versus Causation


released September 17, 2021
(recorded September 15, 2021) - 62 minutes

With all the information about SEO available online it’s almost impossible to know if the optimization efforts you’re using on your website are even worth the time. In fact, many SEO professionals often question their own efforts, which is why so many of them will compare notes and participate in anonymous industry surveys. In this episode of the Podcast we’re reviewing the top 15 most important ranking factors as revealed by a recent survey of 2,800 SEO professionals from around. Let’s jump into the results. (recorded September 15, 2021) Podcast is a production by Jeweler Websites Inc. hosted by Matthew Perosi and George Blair. Visit for show notes, attributions, and footnotes for this and all other episodes. Please rate, review, follow, and subscribe on your platform of choice.

The State of SEO 2021: Key Industry Survey Findings
AT: 09/17/2021 10:19:10 PM  

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