079. Addressing Fraud and First Impressions


released September 24 2021
(recorded September 22, 2021) - 58 minutes

When measuring the bounce rate of your website you are really measuring the first impression that people have when they land on your site. It takes 7 seconds or less for someone to judge your entire business by what your website looks like. Turn the tables around, and today we’re discussing how jewelers also should not quickly judge how their in-person customers look or act. Also in this episode of the Podcast, we’re detailing the increase in lawsuits against small businesses that have not implemented ADA compliance on their websites. Let’s get started. (recorded September 22, 2021) Podcast is a production by Jeweler Websites Inc. hosted by Matthew Perosi and George Blair. Visit for show notes, attributions, and footnotes for this and all other episodes. Please rate, review, follow, and subscribe on your platform of choice.

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