076. In the Company of Bugs: IP, Apple, and Google's Latest Update


released September 13, 2021
(recorded September 13, 2021) - 55 minutes

The technology that runs the internet is not perfect, in fact, it’s full of programming bugs that can cause security nightmares and website functionality problems. In this episode of the Podcast we’re sharing a story of how one family in Kansas was living in a digital hell and explaining how something similar could affect the analysis of your online marketing. We’re also digging into how bugs, security issues, and changes in user behavior lead to various Google Updates, and what you should be doing to keep up with your competitors. Let’s get into it. (recorded September 13, 2021) Podcast is a production by Jeweler Websites Inc. hosted by Matthew Perosi and George Blair. Visit for show notes, attributions, and footnotes for this and all other episodes. Please rate, review, follow, and subscribe on your platform of choice.
AT: 09/13/2021 10:17:33 PM  

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