018. Telling Your Customers What They Want

released February 5, 2021
(recorded February 3, 2021) - 1 hour, 13 minutes

Articles we talk about in this episode:

Le Vian’s New Chocolate Diamonds Videos in Delectable, Bite-Sized Chunks for Social Media

Millennials Demand One-of-a-Kind Natural Diamonds

Mined or Manmade? What Do Millennials Really Want In A Diamond?

Diamonds are a Millennial & Gen-Z’s Second-Best Friend

Young Americans & Marriage Survey - May 2019

Younger couples are paying less for engagement rings. Here’s how much

Millennials like their diamonds ethically sourced or man-made, and jewellers are responding

Why Are Jewelry Retailers Saying 'I Don't' To Lab-Grown Diamonds If Millennials Want Them?

Desire for Bigger Bling Drives Laboratory-Grown Diamond Sales
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