020. Warming Up to Cold Traffic


released February 12, 2021
(recorded February 10, 2021) - 1 hour, 21 minutes

New Instore Magazine
February 2021

Page 22: Manager's to-do list - explore the options for hosting a plug-in etailer on your website for repeat product sales

Page 30: What's in and what's out for jewelry retail - by Eileen McClelland - great article. Website as a second storefront - Mobile is always on - Appointment via a Zoom meeting

Page 41: Plug and Play - engagement ring platform for your website

Page 44: Why businesses Fail - by David Brown - great topics and we impress that jewelers should read and consider the factors

Page 45: Turn Browsers into Buyers - by Kathleen Cutler - 4 steps to translate yout in-store experience online

Page 50: Stay on Target - by Andrea Hill - Talks about customer avatar without using the phrase customer avatar. Read this and think about who your customers are rather than who you think they are.

This issue of Instore Magazine presents a lot of different ideas about the potentiality of your website, online marketing, and ecommerce. This stuff is talked about so often now in industry news that it's impossible to deny it. Even though you may not understand it, you must have faith that this is what you should be doing. You must believe. When it's done correctly it will work. If it's not working it's because someone gave you bad directions or you got tricked into using the wrong platform.

If your website or online marketing isn't working, it's not your fault. You are a jeweler, not an internet professional. You can't expect to get this correct without a lot of self study or help. If you're paying for help and you're not seeing results, then the agency you're paying isn't worth the money you are paying them. It's very difficult to make money with a standard ecommerce website. Those who tell you to set up a traditional website with so much distraction on the site and so many option... they are giving you the wrong directions.

A Modern Jeweler must learn how to connect a lot of digital pieces and customer service. I bet that everyone listing to this has never been told that their jewelry website should have a design and a plan to serve as your online sales person; that online sales person must direct people through the sales process online. This is the same sales process of slowly converting in-person customers into buyers. It takes education, follow-up, offers, product information, and everything else that you would have done in-person. You have to direct website traffic through your sales process and learning.

You must believe that this online stuff is true. You must believe this online stuff can be done correctly to improve your jewelry business. You must be willing to change your processes to make this online stuff part of your daily work procedures. You can't be afraid anymore, but if you are having a hard time getting over your fears, then you need to call us.

Traffic: Create a hub focused around your brand name. This could be a landing page that explains everything about you. All your published content, services, products.

Don’t send out emails until you have a correct landing page focused on the email topic. Emails bring traffic within 12 hours. It dwindles down over 36 hours until it’s done.

You can partner with other local businesses. Who do you know in town that might also have an email list. Ask them if you can buy an email that they send out. The email would be your full message or your newsletter. Do you have a local printer, florist, salon? Ask them if they have email lists. Sign up for their lists first to see how they handle their email newsletters.

Don’t create online ads until you have the correct landing page focused on the ad.

Cold traffic: If your prospect is aware of the product, and has realized it can satisfied their desires, then your headline starts with the product.

If your prospect is not aware of the product, but only the desire itself, then your headline starts with the desire.

Most landing places are created for the solution aware or the product aware customer. You are just presenting them with the solution that will get them the result they want. Because they are already aware of the problem, and have already tried your competitors, they already have the context of what you are trying to solve for them.

The cold prospect: If the prospect is not aware of what they seek, and is only aware of the general problem, then the headline problem then the copy crystallizes it into a specific need. Anything presented to them at this point must be filled with a lot of education to get them ready for what you have to offer.

Traffic that is cold needs to be spoken to differently because people are not aware of the problem or solution.

Jewelers want to make more money. They can try setting up an e-commerce store, sell things on ebay, learn SEO, master Facebook ads or Google ads, or so many other things. They are aware of all the other solutions so you have to show them that your solution is the opportunity that trumps all others.

If they are product aware they probably know all your competitors. You have to convince them that your product is superior so they will buy from you.

The wording you use for cold traffic must use words that are common enough to already know without using any lexicon that the solution and product aware would already know. Once you give them a little education you can then introduce aspects of problem to get them thinking about it. They will become aware that they now have to find a solution/product or service to satisfy the problem. That’s when you introduce them to the product/service you offer and explain how it will fix everything for them. At this stage they have learned all about you and they are less likely to search for a different solution for fear that no other solution will fully satisfy the needs of the problem the way you have explained that yours will.

Cold traffic will take longer to convert.
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