054. Staying Above the Fold: US eCommerce Forecast / Link Building for your Website


released June 11, 2021
(recorded June 6, 2021) - 61 minutes

TOPIC: US ecommerce forecast

US ecommerce forecast revised upward, 18% growth expected in 2021

Original forecasts for ecommerce towards the end of the pandemic was that it would decline sharply.

eMarketer now forecasting that it will continue to grow another 7.9%

Fastest growth sectors are apparel and accessories with an expected 28.7% growth.

Big driver of ecommerce growth is the option to Buy Now, Pay Later. "BNPL"
Estimated that 45.1 million people will use the BNPL this year. That's an 81.2% growth over 2020.

Millennials account for 42.7% of BNPL users 14 and older. That’s followed by Gen Zers, which account for 30.3%.

Common BNPL platforms are Klarna, Afterpay, and Affirm.

TOPIC: Unique Content On Your Website

Do you have something that you do differently than all your competitors in the area?

Put that on your home page, above the fold.

Google: Put Unique Content Above The Fold

TOPIC: Link Building for your Website

We've previously talked about some easy ways to build links to your website.
Chamber of Commerce, LeTip, BNI, links from vendor websites, links from other stores in town.

You can also earn links from complete strangers if you write content for your website that focus on your business strengths, why you should be trusted as a jeweler, and the value you provide to your customers.

How to Earn Links Organically & Resist the Dark Side

Sub-topic: Creating Linkable Content

When creating great linkable content, you need to determine:

• What makes you the unique jeweler in your area?
• What do you do better than anyone else in your area?
• What's your unique spin on something you offer that is similar to what other jewelers in the area offer?

No detail is too small. What you find commonplace every day could be interesting for your customers.

Sub-topic: Create Content Then Do The Outreach

• Have you provided some previous service for any groups, schools, businesses, events?
Write about them in depth
• Do you offer some special service for any groups, schools, businesses, events?
Write about them in depth
Trophy engraving? Award gifts for businesses? Contests?
• Do you sell something or offer a service that you know would be perfect for any groups, schools, businesses, events?
Write about them in depth

Once you have this type of content on your website you can contact those groups, schools, businesses, and event coordinators to let them know that you have written something that might be of interest to them or their group. Ask them to read it, and ask them to link to it from their website.

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