048. Jewelry Industry Roundup - May 2021


released May 21, 2021
(recorded May 19, 2021) - 1 hour, 12 minutes

It’s quite possible that you’re doing the wrong thing to make your website ADA compliant. Today we’re going to tell you about recent issues for people who think they set up their compliance correctly, but have really caused more problems. We’re also doing a fresh look at what old blogs might be doing to your website’s SEO, and giving you an idea how to implement some future proofing on your site. That, plus more, is just ahead on the 48th episode of the RethinkYour.com Podcast.

NBC News article about accessibility

The new wix tool for accessibility

The open letter from people saying that website need to stop using access ability overlays. This is another perfect example of how you can’t take shortcuts.

Old blog posts as explained in SEJ

A Schema testing tool is now available.

Looks like people are not opting in for tracking
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