025. Effective Product Descriptions (plus Hosting Scams and Microsoft Heatmaps)


released March 2, 2021
(recorded February 28, 2021) - 1 hour, 15 minutes

Listener mail -- "last episode (#24) you mentioned a business that closed and the next location inherited their bad google reviews. how do you prevent that from happening and how do you tell google that you're new to the location, or that you're even going to be moving? i don't want to show up in my old location either and look like I've closed."

Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools - They recently announced the ability to create heatmaps and user recordings; this will be a huge cost savings. Other companies charge a lot of money for good heatmaps and user recordings, this is free.
 • https://clarity.microsoft.com
 • https://www.bing.com/webmasters

Product page descriptions
 • spell out everything
 • also have a table of characteristics
 • gemstone size: spell out the gemstone name, the birthstone month it represents. The size can remain specified at 7x4mm without the need to spell out millimeter
 • it gets repetitious, but consider that a product page can be the first page someone sees when entering your site. From there they may look at other similar products, or they might bounce around. For the customer, the descriptions won’t seem reputations.
 • no need to use words like “beautiful” because those are subjective and hyperbolic, and throw away marketing terms that customers will view as a sales pitch
 • include the designer name in the description.
 • if there are several gemstones, you should mention how many additional gemstones there are, and their individual size, as well as the total weight of those additional gemstones
 • indicate the main center stone and its weight
 • at the end you can state the total carat weight
 • include any related life event in the description if it is appropriately related as a good gift: baby gift, anniversary, graduation, Mother’s Day
 • only use as many words as needed to get the job done
 • complete sentences that are grammatically correct

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