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Holiday Greeting Card Program is proud to announce our 3rd extraordinary holiday marketing service for 2011.

This is a greeting card program like no other. We've created an amazing marriage of direct mail, mobile marketing, video marketing, video SEO in such a way that will spread holiday cheer to your customers.

They will laugh, they will have their heart strings pulled, they will show it to their friends and family... And they will forever remember your store.

We've spent the last 6 months testing the technologies that make the system work. Engineers, videographers, programmers, moms, dads, sons, and cousins have come together to create the very unique branding message that will transform a typical, boring holiday card in a sea of others into the only holiday card that will matter to each recipient this year.

To truly understand You have to experience it for yourself. That's why we have mailed samples to every one of our current customer and a few lucky others.

If you didn't get a live card from us then its simple to click the image of the card you see to the right and print it on your color printer. Once printed, you can test the QR codes and see how the sample works.

When you are ready to create an unforgettable experience and lasting branding impression of your own just browse through the library of holiday story videos on the next few pages. Select 3 videos for your own card and we'll take care of the technical details.

Our existing customers will receive a $200 discount on the setup and then $1 discount per card sent.

Video Segments:

- Anna

- Anna & Matt (Mother/Son Memories)

- Joel

- Joel & Kathleen (Husband/Wife Memories)

- Dianna

- Kathleen

$497 setup for current JWEBS customers
$697 setup for new customers

We brand each selected video with your logo, and customize the front of the greeting card. We create a special YouTube account for this greeting card, and mail out the cards for you.

Prices Per Card
First 1-20 Cards: $4.00 each for current customers, $5.00 each for new customers
Next 21-50 Cards after that: $3.50 each for current customers, $4.50 each for new customers
Next 51-100 Cards after that: $3.25 each for current customers, $4.25 each for new customers

Let us help you.