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This is one of our designer line pages. The intent is to let your customers see the product lines you carry without sending them to the vendor website.

a tradition of craftmanship
The process involved in making each Tacori piece is an intricate combination of art and science. A tradition of craftsmanship and attention to detail culminates in the creation of a true treasure, and a fitting symbol of the beauty of your love.

tacori touch

the tacori story
We are inspired by our customers to design and deliver the perfect ring.

We travel great distances and go to great lengths to place the perfect piece of work in their hands.

For countless years our core values have included passion, teamwork and imagination.

We honor the craftsmanship and integrity of our people and our work.

handcrafted in california

All of our jewelry is handcrafted at our headquarters in California.

There, we fuse old world elegance with modern allure to fashion new American heirlooms.

The Tacori story epitomizes the American dream. We are motivated every day to make the finest treasures we can, here in the country that made our dream possible.

the tacori promise

It’s as precious to us as the diamonds we use to create this unforgettable jewelry.

Our signature. Our family name. Our promise. It is a legacy that will last for generations.

download the tacori touch book (6.5MB PDF)
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