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Diamonds are the hardest element on earth. They can resist damage by heat or scratching. Diamond can only cut or polished only by another diamond. Keeping this in mind it is still possible to damage one. How? A severe hit directly to the girdle can chip a diamond. The setting you choose should be secure and safeguarding. Also to be aware of your diamond when wearing it so that you yourself can be somewhat protective of it and it will bring you joy for years to come. Routine Cleaning by will help rid your diamond of the common household products it comes in contact with, and help maintain its brilliance. Also will check the security of your setting which with wear can be affected by chemicals or wear and tear.

Cleaning Your Diamonds

A combination so of one part ammonia to two parts parts water can be a fantastic cleaner for your diamond jewelry. You can gently rub the jewelry with a soft brush to help free it of stuck on dirt. Be cautious of the fine jewelry it is set in, as not to scrath the precious metal. Since you will have a relationship with a local independent Master IJO Jeweler you can visit thier location for regular cleaning and prong checking.

Storing Your Diamond Jewelry

It is recommended to keep each piece of your diamond jewelry separate from each other when you store it. This will keep them from rubbing against and damaging your other fine jewelry pieces.
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