127. Everybody's Got Something to Hide, Except For Me and My Content


released March 11, 2022
(recorded March 9, 2022) - 46 minutes

On today’s episode of RethinkYour.com we are talking about hidden content on your website and whether or not Google is using it for your ranking. Hidden content is an often debated topic for SEO professionals who worry if Google is interpreting it correctly. Our episode today was inspired by an article from Search Engine Roundtable I’m and we are happy to dive deep into the history of hidden content and how optimization techniques have changed over the years. We’ll touch upon the different ways you can implement hidden content, how hidden content improves your website design, and the claims that Google can read and understand hidden content. For us, while recording this episode we actually had our own realization of the potential relationship between Schema.org and hidden content, and how to account for that on your own website. Don’t hide this episode away because it’s especially important if you are managing your own website, so keep listening…
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