123. Revenge of the QR Code


released February 25, 2022
(recorded February 23, 2022) - 1 hour, 8 minutes

On today’s episode of RethinkYour.com we’re talking about the benefits of using QR codes, along with recent warnings of how to protect yourself from malicious codes. This topic was inspired by a QR code commercial that aired during Super Bowl 56, which generated a lot of publicity, but also brought light to a recent QR code usage warning from the FBI. We’ll dive into the efforts by watch groups that are teaching users how to recognize malicious codes. We at rethinkyour.com are here to provide advice on how to effectively use QR codes now that there is renewed interest in them. Let's talk about the best methods, and even some bad ideas you should avoid so you don't scare people away.
AT: 02/25/2022 08:10:01 AM  

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