113. What's in a Word Rank? Bunches, Lots, and Much


released January 21, 2022
(recorded January 19, 2021) - 63 minutes

On today’s episode of, we’re detailing a solution to a problem that jewelry ecommerce sites have struggled with for many years. Those struggles relate to subtle changes in words and how to correctly describe your products when so many of them look almost exactly the same. For example, when describing your jewelry store, would say that you have an engagement ring available for sale, or that you sell many styles of engagement rings? When presenting different engagement ring options to customers in-person, would you show each ring while saying something simple like “here’s one ring option for you, and here’s another,” or would you detail the exact difference between rings by saying something like “this is a 2 carat diamond ring and this is a 1 carat diamond ring?” Years ago, we worried about the the very specific choices of phrasing and product descriptions that would answer these questions, otherwise Google might not show you in search results. Today, Google’s use of AI technology now understands related words, and words with the same meaning. Google’s AI even understands when a single word on a page makes all the difference. What you’ll hear in this podcast episode will really help you with the setup of your online jewelry catalog. We hope to surface new golden nuggets of information that now replace old worrisome strategies that you learned before. So let’s inspect, investigate, scrutinize, and traverse through these details now.
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