112. BNPR Bubble + Micro Influencer Marketing


released January 18, 2022
(recorded January 16, 2022) - 63 minutes

On today’s episode of RethinkYour.com we’re bringing you additional provocative insights into the BNPL services, that’s Buy Now Pay Later, and it’s influence on buyer spending during the 2021 holiday season. We’ll break down the good reasons why you should be offering this service and how it replaces traditional layaway, and we’ll also review the growing concern of consumer overspending, and the potential implications of that financial bubble. In the second half of today’s podcast we’re discussing the increase of micro-influencer marketing. This is a really important topic for you to hear about because we’ll give you an overview of the differences between Business Accounts and Creator Accounts within the Meta networks and how well they play together once you understand them. We’re bringing you our first hand experience with how these things work, and what you hear should spark new ideas for Instagram advertising. If you haven’t yet seen a reason to try Facebook or Instagram ads, then this episode should really interest you. Let’s cut into it now…
AT: 01/18/2022 08:24:37 AM  

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