111. Trend Alert -- Understanding Google Trends


released January 15, 2022
(recorded January 13, 2022) - 63 minutes

On today’s episode of we’re diving into the trends, Google Trends to be exact! Since 2004, Google has allowed the public to peek behind the scenes of search phrases to see what people are looking for. For most, the Google Trends service is nothing more than a curiosity to review the yearly zeitgeist, but with a little extra thought, you can use these trend reports to hone your marketing approach. We’d like to give a shoutout to Michelle Graff of National Jeweler for inspiring this topic today. The information you’re about to hear on this podcast should paint a fine picture of the many ways you can use Google Trends to help your jewelry store. Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball to predict when to add a new line of jewelry to your store? Better yet, have that crystal ball tell you when to discontinue a line? Keep listening and you’ll hear how Google Trends is that predictor you’ve always wanted. Let’s jump into the topic now.
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