108. New Year, Established Techniques


released January 4, 2022
(recorded December 28, 2021) - 1 hour

To kick off the 2022 new year we are reviewing old and well established online marketing techniques on today’s episode of On this podcast you’ll often hear about ways to capture customer information, and what to do with that information once captured, but getting started is often confusing. Our source today comes from the January 2022 issue of Southern Jewelry News, and their coverage of the 2021 ASHI Diamonds Sweepstakes. We’re happy to dedicate this episode of the Podcast to digesting how this sweepstakes was put together using several online marketing techniques, and explain how you could set up something similar on your own if you are not an ASHI customer. So stay tuned, as we clear up some of the confusion of how different pieces of marketing fit together.
AT: 01/04/2022 07:30:00 PM  

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