105. Facebook Business Suite vs Content Creator


released December 24, 2021
(recorded December 18, 2021) - 1 hour, 6 minutes

On today's episode of we are talking about how to save time when posting to Facebook and Instagram, and the tools that they provide to do so. There’s never enough time to finish your daily to-do list, which is why most jewelers tell us that they simply can’t find a spare moment to post to Instagram or Facebook. So many Facebook and Instagram accounts are set up with good intentions, but the realization of what it takes will often intimidate most jewelers from continuing beyond their first posts. We’re going to highlight what we feel are the most important features of the Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Content Creator and how to get started with them. There are plenty of little time saving golden nuggets mentioned on today’s Podcast. For this one, you can listen along to get ideas or sit down at your computer and follow along as we break down these time savers for you. Let’s dive into the show…
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