100. Christmas Holiday Ad Review


released December 7, 2021
(recorded December 5, 2021) - 1 hour, 15 minutes

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 100th episode of Each of the previous 99 episodes of this jewelry industry podcast are loaded with website, marketing, and business topics to help all types of jewelry professionals, well, rethink your dot com approach. Rethinking your dot com isn’t just about your website any more. Your dot com can be used in every part of your business, including tracking the response from direct mail. Do you use direct mail as part of your marketing? Matthew Perosi and George Blair IV are your hosts for this show. In this last episode of season 1, they scrutinizing several direct mail ads from local jewelry businesses and explaining what type of customer the ads will attract, and what the customer expectations would be after seeing these traditional print ads. They’ll also share some of their stories and experiences with marketing campaigns involving direct mail so you have a good starting point if you want to try, or improve upon your own local campaign. This episode includes artwork, which you can find on the website listed under episode 100.


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