099. Reel World: Video on Google Search Console


released December 3, 2021
(recorded November 1, 2021) -34 minutes

The video buzz is abundant within TikTok and Instagram Reels, yet most of that buzz is fun and personal, leaving little success for a small retail store to get noticed. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make 30 second videos for your jewelry brand that would actually be watched by interested people? In fact, you can already get your latest short video in front of potential customers using Google Search or Maps. Today on, we’re delving into guidelines for creating short videos for your jewelry brand, and how to upload them using the Google Maps app on your smartphone. Even if you feel like videos are not in your reel-house, this 99th episode has easy actionable ideas to get your started. (rec Dec 1, 2021) Podcast is a production by Jeweler Websites Inc. hosted by Matthew Perosi and George Blair. Visit for show notes, attributions, and footnotes for this and all other episodes. Please rate, review, follow, and subscribe on your platform of choice.

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