038. Jewelers' Stories in the Time of COVID / Industry News


released April 16, 2021
(recorded April 14, 2021) - 1 hours, 27 minutes

During the pandemic, several jewelers had to change their location, change their business model, and even work out of their home, but if you’re not careful with how your address is listed in Google My Business you could jeopardize your listing. There are also several recent stories in jewelry trade magazines that provide good insights and ideas for extending your business online.

Google My Business Suspension Email Notifications

Should Jewelers Show Prices? Here’s What Our Readers Say

We Will Survive: How retailers pivoted to meet the challenges of 2020.

How to Replace Perfection with Progress in Your Jewery Store

How the Unfinish Line article appeared online versus in print:

038. Jewelers Stories in the Time of COVID / Industry News 038-unfinish-line-3
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