011. Beat the Bounceback: Constructing a Successful Homepage


released January 12, 2021
(recorded January 9, 2021) - 1 hour, 14 minutes

SEO Searchlight / Listener Mail: Matt and George answer, "I found your recent show about redesigning your website very interesting, thank you. My question is about Google Ads. I'm currently paying Google for the keyword "jewelry stores" because I can't seem to get people to my website any other way. Is this a problem with my SEO or does it mean I should redesign my website?" -- Frank, Houston TX

What's that word?
—freemium - The portmanteau of 'free' and 'premium,' this pricing strategy provides a basic product or scaled back service without cost, but then encourages or requires upgrades via cash or token purchases; this is quite common for phone apps and software where you use the free version and eventually need to use the paid version when you outgrow the basics.

+ Rethink Your Design: preventing the bounce & What's Hot and Not for Homepage Trends

+ Social Media Watch: Private Sector companies like Twitter and Parler are under examination for their terms of service, which may have a rolling effect on how we use social media

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