Go beyond the generic jewelry product database with this Products Extension Bundle.

This bundle of apps and features will speed up the management of your online product database and improve the details presented to online shoppers.

Products Extension Bundle
+$100 Monthly
Unlike the generic systems that make you pay for each extra product feature, this GlitterPaw bundle includes tried and true apps and features that jewelers have asked for and enjoyed since 2003.

This bundle will make your website look and work like a professional jewelry site with more descriptive options, greater capacity, and ability to easily keep your online inventory up to date with product imports.
No doubt that when you've grown to the point of using the import/export apps included in the bundle you'll want to expand your online jewelry catalog more than the basic 1,000 items you started with. This bundle give you the extra breathing room of an additional 5,000 product capacity. Each of the other bundles includes more room for products to give you even more room to expand with each set of extra apps.
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Once you've outgrown the tedious process of managing your online catalog manually, you'll want to explore the ability to upload directly from your EDGE software. You will be able to synchronize your EDGE POS with the website as often as you like every day. Other jewelry website design companies charge $75 or more per month for their EDGE connection, but we've included it in this bundle along with all of the other apps shown on this page. Please note that the EDGE has an extra charge for the setup of the website connection as well as an extra yearly support fee to keep it active.
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If uploading from the EDGE is not an option, then you can export your product catalog from your POS as a text or Excel file and convert it to a CSV. This import app will make it easy to manage your online catalog daily, weekly, or as often as you'd like. The import routine will also help you recapture the time you spend with the tedious process of managing your online catalog manually.
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The online sales approach of "product options" has been around since the beginning of ecommerce. You're probably familiar with online clothing stores that sell the same style shirt that's available in different colors and sizes all for the same price. The color of the shirt and the size of the shirt are both considered "product options" or modifiers to the style.

With clothing, the change in color and size of a shirt will not affect the price, but with jewelry, a change of size means more precious metal and the change in color usually means a change in the type of precious metal used. The GlitterPaw product options app gives you the ability to set up a single product style whose price will change based on the chosen size, length, metal type, or any other quality you'd like to set up.

Here at Jeweler Websites, we know that most jewelers will use unique SKUs for every item in their inventory, even though some of those items are the same manufacturer style made with different metal types. For example, you might have a ring style R-1234 which represents the main style, but then the SKU R-1234-WG is used for white gold while the SKU R-1234-YG is used for yellow gold. You might further represent the ring sizes with their own SKU by adding a number at the end, like R-1234-YG-9 for a size 9 ring. If this is your method of product inventory and management then you probably will not need to use this product options app.

If you are a jewelry designer who makes your jewelry to order, then the product option feature will appeal to you. To understand how this works, imaging you have 10 styles of rings that you are willing to make in yellow or white gold of 14 or 18 karat, Sterling, 950, and platinum, in sizing ranging from 4 to 12 with .25 size increments. That's 10 styles, available in 7 different metals, and 36 different sizes, which means 10x7x36=2,520 different SKU possibilities. As a designer, you probably wouldn't want to create a jewelry ecommerce website loaded with so many identical looking items because that's not user friendly at all.

Instead, as a jewelry designer, you would set up 10 rings on your jewelry website with the option for the shopper to select from one of the 7 metals and their appropriate ring size. The final price of the ring would be automatically calculated according to the options they choose without you needing to set up 2, 520 items.
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With the bundled extension added to your website you'll have as many as 10 screens of jewelry information available to you. Even though this extra information enhances the functionality of your website, it also adds a few extra minutes of time per item to your manual data entry process. This extra time for initial data entry is contrary to GlitterPaw's mission to speed up how you manage your site, which is why this Quick add-product screen exists. This quick, single screen encapsulates the most popular data fields that jewelers use which considerably speeds up data entry for every item.

This is one of the many small things inside GlitterPaw intended to reduce your overall total jewelry website management time.
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You might have heard that good photos are needed to sell jewelry online, which is true, but a photo alone won't sell anything. Every item for sale on your website needs a fleshed out product description that fully explains the item just like you would explain it to a customer if they were in your store.

When you subscribe to the Product Extension Bundle you'll unlock several additional screens of information with more than 150 extra fields of data for every item on your website. Only the information that you fill in will appear on your jewelry website.

If you were to imagine your website as a virtual sales person, then you can imagine that the more information you add to every item is the same as giving the sales person plenty of product education so they can sell.
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The reductive navigation feature is widely used on large ecommerce jewelry websites once the number of items in every category grows too large for a jewelry shopper to comfortably browse. This feature displays a list of potential jewelry options, like size, metal, and cost, so the shopper can narrow down the jewelry selection faster.

This feature is best used if you are planning to utilize many of the extra 150+ expanded jewelry product fields included in this bundle.
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Most jewelers partner with one of their diamond dealers who will supply a widget that can tap into the diamond supplier's full database. It's easy to add those widgets to any page in your GlitterPaw jewelry ecommerce website.

However, those widgets are virtual inventory fed by another website, and if you know anything about SEO then you'll know that virtual inventory doesn't help you at all. Those virtual inventory diamond search widgets provide a nice appearance with a perceived value, but they leave a lot to be desired for search visibility, marketing, and customer retention.

The solution is the GlitterPaw Diamond search app. If source a list of diamonds on your own you can then populate your product catalog with those diamonds, along with all their cert information, and have your own built-in diamond search widget. The built-in diamond search adds value to your SEO and it can easily tie into any of your online marketing.
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If you are a jewelry designer or a manufacturer selling to retail jewelry stores, then unlocking all the wholesale features included with the Product Extension Bundle will be very important to you.

The Wholesale accounts features will give you the option to require registered website accounts to provide you with their business license information. You can mandate a business license or you can make it optional. Once you verify their business license you can give them permission to see the otherwise hidden wholesale information that available throughout the website.

If you only sell to retail jewelers, then you also have the option to password protect your entire site until the retailer registers an account and is verified. Another option is to hide specific pages or just the wholesale pricing unless a verified retailer is logged in.
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The basic Jewelry Ecommerce Website Subscription only includes checkout using PayPal. With this Product Extensions Bundle you can unlock the ability to use your own merchant account as long as it uses the Authorize.net payment gateway. Using your own merchant account will make your financial management easier, but it also adds the extra burden of PSI-DSS compliance to your website. You will have to pay a 3rd party service for PCI-DSS compliance testing, but we'll explain all of that if you want to consider using your own merchant account on your jewelry ecommerce website.
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With the option to allow wholesale buyer accounts on your jewelry ecommerce website you'll need to enter in wholesale price data and you might need to write different wholesale descriptions. Both of those features are unlocked for you with the Product Extension Bundle. This wholesale information only appears when an authorize wholesale buyer is logged into their account. You also have the option to hide all pricing or only show MSRP for each item until the wholesale buyer logs in.
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The expected functionality of a jewelry ecommerce website would be to collect payment information before the transaction is completed, when that's not always how jewelry designers and manufacturers operate. If your business ships product on account with future billing, then you'll be happy to know that GlitterPaw allows you to designate which wholesale accounts are allowed to place an online order using a purchase order number instead of payment information. You would then transfer the order to your internal ERP or other order processing system so your accounts payable department can send a future invoice.

Are you ready to avoid the life sucking tediousness of manually managing your online inventory? Do you want your site to stand out more?

The Product Extension Bundle removes the tediousness, expands the look of your online jewelry catalog, and increases your online jewelry sales opportunity.

As cliche as it sounds, don't be fooled by other companies charge extra monthly fees for each of these extra apps and features. Your website platform subscription cost is lower with bundled pricing. You won't find this combination of useful bundled apps for a jewelry ecommerce website anywhere else.

Anyone can claim to custom program these apps for you. Each one of the above features and apps would cost at least $15,000 in custom development and testing. Our development of the Diamond search app alone was more than $75,000, and all the wholesale account features would cost at least $50,000 for you to recreate and integrate properly into any other website.

The Product Extension Bundle is included as part of the GlitterPaw Pro, GlitterPaw Advanced, and GlitterPaw Expert subscriptions shown on our jewelry website design pricing page.

You also have the option of choosing any combination of bundles for your jewelry ecommerce website subscription.

It doesn't take much to get started with your own jewelry ecommerce website backed by GlitterPaw.

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