Turbo charge your content options and planning.

Content creators and multi-location jewelers will love this bundled combination of content apps and advanced content planning features.

Creator Extension Bundle
+$100 Monthly
This bundle includes several apps for content planning and creating password protected elite membership areas of your site for online jewelry events and special ecommerce jewelry offers. It also includes apps for monetizing your jewelry website.

These are the apps that jewelers have used to plan their holiday website changes months ahead of time, and to build a following of customers who love the idea that they have secret access to early release of designer jewelry and online jewelry trunk shows.

Jewelry bloggers and jewelry journalists/magazines can sell ad space on their website with the monetization apps.
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Let's face it, managing a jewelry website takes a lot of time. Between running your jewelry business, managing your store, working with jewelry buyers, and everything else you have to do daily there's not much time left for updating your jewelry website.

Sometimes all you need to do is spend a few minutes updating a words or typos on your site, and sometimes you have to spend many hours over several days to elaborate on new webpages as part of a jewelry marketing campaign or to improve your jewelry SEO. Big changes to your site shouldn't be published before they are ready to be seen.

For example, many jewelers like to have a single page on their website dedicated to all the services they provide. Although a concise page with brief details about custom jewelry design, watch repair, and jewelry repair might make sense, it's better to have a whole section of your jewelry website with individual pages fully detailing each of those services. Building these pages will take a bit of time.

Instead of showing the dreaded "under construction" notice on your site, you can use GlitterPaw's Preview and Publish feature to hide the content until it's ready to go live.

GlitterPaw also allows you to assign user privileges so that only content managers of your jewelry website can publish content while limiting the power of content creators and editors to adding content only.
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GlitterPaw has several methods of scheduling content to change, appear, or disappear on your website at any future date.

Page content is easy to schedule. Every block of content on individual webpages has a timer to turn them on or off on a set date. This is especially useful for announcements like store events. You can show the event details on your home page until the day of the event, but then they turn off automatically so you don't have to worry about it. (Content scheduling is included in the Content Extension Bundle.)

If you're really adventurous, you can use this global Content Swap app to rewrite every page of your website in preparation for a huge special event. Take your time and plan out this massive content swap as a special promotion to surprise all your customers. One flip of a switch will change everything, then change it back at the end of the day or when the promotion is over.

This content swap works particularly well when you want to reorganize navigation menus, page content, and add a little extra holiday imagery to your jewelry website. Preparing your website for the holiday season is a huge undertaking for any other website platform, but not GlitterPaw. You can begin preparations months in advance, then save everything for the following year so you don't start from scratch.
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Jewelers who use press releases as part of their jewelry online marketing strategy will appreciate this dedicated jewelry website app designed for presentation of new press release and noteworthy announcements. Old announcements are archived on your jewelry website to help with your SEO.
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The classified ads app give you the ability to monetize your website by selling small editorial blocks just like what you would find in a newspaper. Although this app was originally designed for jewelry trade magazines, it has been used by jewelry bloggers and retail jewelry stores to create a page for the local community. It can also be used as an online consignment service to list estate items that you otherwise would not hold in your store.
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When your jewelry website grows large enough to attract attention and traffic you'll get random requests for guest blog writers wanting to pay you for posting a "guest blog" to your website. This sponsored content app was created so you could monetize your jewelry website with this advertorial content while still abiding by Google's policies for such paid content.
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The venue/store locations app allows chain stores to list all their locations so customers can find their local jewelry store. This app is was originally designed for jewelry trade organizations so all of their members could be included in a zip code search. Each retail jewelry location has a webpage of details, social accounts, and photos. This app also has the unusual feature for the jewelry organization to generate official graphic assets for each member that can be used for signage or window clings.
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It might seem unusual for an ecommerce jewelry website to have a help document system, until you start thinking outside of the box like we do. This app goes beyond a simple FAQ with a full wiki-type system that allows you to create your own directions. These directions will come in handy when you implement a private membership area of your jewelry site, and it's especially useful for jewelry trade organizations.
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The site ads app will be of great interest for jewelry bloggers who want to monetize their websites. This app allows you to manage your own banner ads and to sell ad space throughout your jewelry website to others. If you don't have anyone willing to buy ad space from you, then you can use this app to upload Google AdSense code, which allows you to make some ad revenue from Google.
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Content creators will appreciate the separation of editorial content from everyday the everyday general blogging that is included with the jewelry ecommerce website subscription. This app was created so you could self publish editorials written by journalists or with journalistic intention. This app is great for jewelry trade organizations and jewelry news services. Editorials can be searched and organized to show all works by each journalist.
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When customers register or make a purchase on your jewelry ecommerce website they will have access to their own My Account area to see their purchase history, manage their wish lists, change their personalization settings, and much more; but that's just the simple stuff that everyone expects.

With the membership app you can create unlimited membership levels for your customers to join. These memberships could be paid subscriptions, or they can be part of a marketing campaign to create special categories of customers, like VIP buyers, elite members, etc.

The membership app is the cornerstone of many different types of online and offline marketing campaigns. With this app you can promote a special event that is only available to those who register online and follow your directions for joining one of the member levels. Those directions are only limited by your imagination.

Previous jewelers have granted membership status to top spenders in their physical store, while other jewelers have only required customers to request access without any purchase.

Looking to avoid the daily updates of your website that are needed to keep it relevant? Searching for an advanced way to create a buzz among customers with online accounts?

The Creator Extension Bundle opens the door for scheduling of future content and unlocks membership features which provide, in tandem, for extremely advanced online marketing and online jewelry sales opportunity.

We're thrilled to provide this unprecedented combination of built-in apps.

Anyone can claim to custom program these apps for you, but each one of these apps listed above would cost at least $15,000 in custom development and testing, and the Content Swap app alone would cost at least $100,000 to recreate.

All of this is included as part of the GlitterPaw Expert subscription shown on our jewelry website design pricing page.

You also have the option of choosing any combination of bundles for your jewelry ecommerce website subscription.

It doesn't take much to get started with your own jewelry ecommerce website backed by GlitterPaw.

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