The Podcast is Live!

by PodcastMatt and I are pleased to announce our podcast series,, which will provide an outlet for our regular research and advice on website development, ecommerce, and social media concerns.

As of Christmas 2020, we have six episodes live for you peruse via Apple Podcasts on iTunes, Libsyn, Stitcher, and Spotify. We anticipate new topics every Tuesday and Friday of the week.

Episode 1 of the podcasttackles "the Modern Shopper" and Buy Online / Pick Up in Store a.k.a. BOPIS a.k.a. Click and Collect. We also address a survey conducted by renowned consulting and data analysis company McKinsey & Company.

Episode 2 of the podcast continues our chat on the McKinsey survey as well several of the stumbling blocks that jewelers have when initializing ecommerce shopping carts on their jewelry store websites.

When we hit the third episode of, it was time to go over the latest news in Facebook: the social media platform being hit with an antitrust lawsuit by 46 states and several territories. While it may seem like an issue that wouldn't affect jewelry stores, the #1 social media website and its potential oligopoly will have a major impact on you and your customer daily internet use.

Episode 4 is our intro to jewelry website landing pages and how useful they are in marketing. Matt and George go through some articles published in Instore Magazine and Southern Jewelry News regarding selling online, and also an error using a QR code in a print ad.

When it came to Personalization in web design and ecommerce use, we dedicated our entire fifth episode to it. Take into account the differences and similarities in your jewelry store customer and how you can apply personalized service to your online buyer. They have more in common than you may think; they're the same person.

Episode 6 is all about jewelry website blogging and maintaining a strong foothold on your process, voice, audience, and topics. It may be one of the most intimidating aspects of content and page building, but we can help you through it.

If you have any questions or curiosities you wish to ask or have us cover, please message us today and we'll be glad to address it on a future episode!

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