COVID-19 Response and Strategy

Ahoy! Matt and George are following the news and the uncertainty across social media is palpable.

We want to be able to not only continue to work in this industry we've helped shape for online consumers, but make sure the jewelry professionals at home—or waiting to hear from their local governments to go home—are ready to face some hard truths.

It is crucial to take into account what the world's social and economic changes mean for you. With this as a global phenomenon, you cannot afford to tune out--your customers are at home, your manufacturer contacts are shut down, and you have a safe full of jewelry doing nothing for you. Let's work on that.

Check out this page, and realize we aren't fooling around. For the jewelry industry to survive, we're gonna have to wake up and work together.

Thanks for checking in, and please take care of yourselves.

George Blair IV

Matthew A Perosi

AT: 03/25/2020 11:08:04 PM  

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