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Jewelry Website Pricing and Features

First of all, you really should give us a call at 888-872-0274 for the fastest service. We're very happy to field all phone calls, give advise and answer questions. We are real people working in New Jersey.

Without any commitment from you we will provide expert jewelry website consultation to determine the best use of a website, and pages for your needs. We'll even tell you if we think you should be using Facebook, a blog, eBay, Etsy or some other system instead of getting your own website.

We have a VERY SIMPLE pricing structure. We've created a content management system specific for the jewelry industry and it has (we believe) every feature that the retail jewelry store will need.

No custom programming needed, no elaborate quotes, our pricing is simple, and we do not hide it like other website companies that require you to fill out a form for a quote.
Basic Jeweler Website Plan

Psiclopedia Junior 3 Features

Jewelry Specific Content Management System (hereinafter referred to as a CMS)
Unlimited Pages - Create as small or as large of a website as you'd like.
Customer Accounts - they create an account to tie into purchases, the Bridal Registry or the Wish Lists.
Blog Module - including typical features like keywords and comments
Newsletter Module - Build and archive your newsletters on your website then copy the code so you can send it via email.
Article Module - Create a library of educational articles that add incredible SEO value to your site.
Contest Module - allows for video, photo or question/answer contests. If you think link building is a hard process then you seriously need to run contests on your website.
Bridal Registry - you manage it, customers can look up details online.
SEO compliant features - easy to manage on a per page and per product basis
• Library of forms, content layouts, animation effects and other features built in.
3 hours of initial training for the CMS and product system

Product Catalog Details

Product Catalog up to 4000 items
6 photos per item
Unlimited product categories
PayPal or Google Checkout BuyNow button integration on a per item basis
• No Shopping Cart / PCI compliance / Credit card processing to worry about


• Select up to 3 designs from our library of thousands.
• We will recolor the design according to your request as well as rework the design for current usability studies and SEO techniques.
• If the design process exceeds 4 hours, additional charges per hour will be incurred. We will provide tracking of initial design time as well as estimate how much additional time might be needed if the initial 4 hours are fully used.


• 3 hours of initial telephone and remote computer control training will be provided.
• Tech support every month thereafter is provided as needed. In-store training is available for (call for quote) and regional classes are occasionally scheduled. Inquire for a current regional class schedule.

Service Fees

Fees charged are for labor to set up the website.

Initial design set-up and training
No set-up (one-time)

Monthly Service Fee
Flexible, Per-Store Monthly Support (we don't put our stores in boxes they don't fit in)

Optional features include
Additional design time if needed: priced per hour
Content Writing, up to 8 pages
Photo retouching: priced per photo
Jewelry Photography: priced per photo
AJS, The EDGE Integration: please inquire

Training is provided for use of the CMS and to enter products. You are responsible for your own content and product entry unless you select the Copywriting and/or Product Entry Service below to have us do it for you. The Psiclopedia Junior System is a proprietary CMS designed for the jewelry industry. If you ever decide to cancel service you can take a copy of your website, but not the Psiclopedia Jr. System.

Monthly Service & Support

We host all the websites we create because we're actually renting you our Psiclopedia Junior software as part of our monthly service. When software updates are available we provide them to you as needed or requested. You never pay for future software upgrades, only website redesigns.

On a monthly basis we make recommendations based on our background and experience on what will make your jewelry website jump out. We will share ideas of what's worked amongst our other jewelry customers and show you how to do it. When new technology is available we will assist you with understanding and using it. Blogging is a necessary part of growing a bigger and better web presence, and we will teach you to do it, or you can email blog entries and we will posts on your behalf.

We will be available to teach monthly how to "fish a little better," and as you learn more ("better ways to fish") you will get more business through what we teach you.

Through our guidance you will learn that there really are no limits of what you can do with your website. The more you learn the more successful your website will be for your business.

Completion Timeline

We would prefer to have the website design and CMS setup completed within 1 month from contract. The design process will actually take as long as needed for your final approval. Once the design is completed it may take up to 2 weeks to convert and set up the CMS. Training will be scheduled as soon as the CMS is converted.

Bottom Line
Determine your needs w/ us - only monthly support payments
Cancel anytime; there's no minimum buy-in of monthly service

You pick 3 designs, we narrow it to 1 and create your site-editing area (called Junior); site goes up in a month, ready for your content to be put in by you or us and your products to be put in by you or by us. We will train you on how to add what you need to per page/item and life is good.

For custom design, you should budget up to $4800 for your custom design website. Actual time billed, capped at 40 hours.
Let us help you.