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QR Codes for Jewelry Stores

QR Codes
  • In-Store Marketing
  • Great for Window Displays
  • Track the Number of Scans
  • Easily manage the URL destination of each QR Code
  • Your Bridal Customers Already KNOW What This is!
  • Something for Customers to do in Your Store While They are Waiting

You have customers who hang around your store browsing, waiting for a repair or service; or have no interest in communication with the salespeople. The QR Code won't replace a live person--but will provide an extra no-pressure sales aid. Your customers will get more information on the product, per product or per designer display.

We've found this is best suited for providing detailed information on specific designer lines.

Perfect For
- Window displays
- Counter-top tower displays
- Free standing tower display cases
- Jewelry Basics, Hot Sellers, and New Items

- Mobile Website, either get one from us or you need to already have one.
- The mobile website needs real content for the QR Codes to point to. That's either individual product information, or designer line information.

- We grab the product URL or designer URL from your mobile website
- We create QR code on a sturdy card, to be mounted on a familiar jewelry stand
- We program QR Code to link to mobile info

What You Get
- 5 pack of jewelry display pedestals to mount the codes to (provided for every order of 5 codes)
- JLRY.ME account for the store to house the codes
- Access to JLRY.ME account to change the QR code destination page to another jewelry item whenever you want
- QR status reports so you know what's being scanned

Mobile Website Needs
- You need a mobile website for this to work.
- If you don't have a mobile website yet either talk to your webmaster or get one of ours.

What is a QR Code?

Find out more about QR codes and their importance in modern marketing, here.
Let us help you.