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"Thanks to [our jewelers] linking to, and Psi Prime's Search Engine Optimization service... on when you search for 'loose diamonds' we are listed on PAGE 1! Try it yourself: Google search for 'loose diamonds' This is one stat that can not be misconstrued!"
Barbara DeRosa, Independent Jewelers Organization

"Thanks for the great job you did on my website by adding the Simon Golub Flyer and also my magazine articles... all in time for the season!"
Andrew Zychowski, Andrew Z Diamonds

"Having a website as an independent jeweler with a small staff is a challenge. Thanks to the efforts of the staff at Psi Prime, they have made things much easier for us. In the last two weeks we have received SIX custom jewelry design orders just because of our website. These jobs are coming from new guests that have never been into our store, Googled "jewelers" in the area and told us that our website was IMPRESSIVE AND AWESOME. The new guests placed their total trust in our abilities and felt very comfortable leaving their items with us for design. Psi Prime is always on top of it - letting us know that we have to get current changes done to our website and contacting vendors for us. Search Engine Optimization has really given a boost to our on-line visibility. HATS OFF to Psi Prime! Give them a try if you need a website or are not happy with your current one."
Noreen Meganck, J. Thomas Jewelers

"I have a love/hate relationship with the computer, but it's the way to go. Psi Prime did our website last year, and it looks great. We do not offer e-commerce, as I look at the website as a replacement for my yellow pages advertising. I know we have had some people look at it, and actually come in as a result of the website. I am currently talking to Psi Prime about a program they have to increase your exposure to search engines, which is what you need in order to get more hits. I think it is the way to communicate with the younger crowd, and is a necessity in today's world."
Chris W. Taylor, Taylormade Jewelers

"[A] customer just bought from me an engagement ring for $5999 that [he] found [on my site]. He said my [site] was very professional and easy to navigate. He came straight to me and didn't shop anywhere else. This sale alone paid for my Website with Psi Prime. I would not have made this sale without it. I was very resistant to building a Website but thanks to IJO I did it and highly recommend it to everyone. Matt and his staff at Psi Prime are fantastic to work with."
Michael Williams, Michael's Jewelry Center

"We have received good feedback from our customers. If anyone is thinking of a website, I would suggest that you talk to Psi Prime. They are great to work with."
Sue Parker, Nyman Jewelers
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