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Meet Our Executives

Matthew A Perosi

SEO Analyst

Meet Our ExecutivesWhile still attending NJIT, Matt started Psi Prime, Inc. in 1994. Graduating with a BS in Computer Engineering, Matt is the key technology person at Psi Prime.

Psi Prime began servicing the jewelry industry in 2003, and by 2008 Matt realized it was time to rebrand the company as to better identify with the jewelry industry.

Matt also holds several additional certifications in networking and system administration, as well as programming. He admits he is truly a computer geek, but his degree in Theatre keeps him grounded and entertaining to his students and customers.

Matt is always interested in learning new ideas from others, and then applying those ideas to solve problems other customers have.

Matt's four earrings and constantly changing hair color are a common topic amongst customers and associates, and his students.

George Blair IV

VP, Chief of Sales, Central Intelligence

Meet Our ExecutivesGeorge has been with since 2003 and has run the gamut of design work, copy-editing, programming, and file management. He has been an active force in sales from day 1, and is currently co-owner of the company.

He will help you discuss the makings of your web site, the most appropriate pages needed to capture the image you want to present online, the long-term goals and achievements to plan for, and will gladly assist even the weariest of the technologically foibled. You are not alone in this vast webspace of wires and cyberdoom.


Morale Officer

Meet Our ExecutivesMyrtle joined the team in January 2008. Happily she shares the same addictions as Matthew. She always seems to scratch at his door to announce play time at the exact moment every day when he's about to get frustrated with his computer.

She now has a dedicated glass of water on Matt's desk because otherwise she'll drink from any mug or glass on his desk (like this one).


Company Motivator

Meet Our ExecutivesSamuel is the newest member of the team. He signed on in September 2010 after begging for adoption in the back yard of the office. We trapped him, got him cleaned up at the vet and within minutes he turned into a lap cat.

He's your basic attention whore and will give equal lap time to every employee in the office every day before settling down in his cat tower.

One day Matthew walked in from a meeting t find George holding Sammy while Genvieve gave him raspberries. Within minutes this photo was posted on DailyBooth with a few comments.

Forty Percent

Original Company Motivator

Meet Our ExecutivesForty walked adopted us in August 2003 and immediately served as morale officer in our previous office, and then moved with us to our new office in 2006. He used to spend time on Matt's desk and George's desk, as well as share time on everyone else's chairs.

He wouldn't stay long on someone's lap, but he refused to get off your chair after returning from a break.

His typical location was on Matt's desk hugging his arm as shown here.

Forty Percent passed away suddenly on November 28, 2009 and is still missed by Matt, George, Genvieve, Beth, Anna and David.
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