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Jewelry Glassworks Photography System

Take better jewelry photographs with these glass plate inserts for your lighting box.

Pink, Spring


The photos above show different types of white balance using different quality cameras. As you can see, the color of the glass plate is never the same between different cameras. The best color quality comes from a manual white balance setting on your camera. Depending on the color you are photographing you will also need to switch between florescent lighting and halogen lighting. Minimal, if any, color correcting is needed when your lighting and white balance are set correctly.

Photos taken by Matthew A Perosi at the jewelry photo studio.

To order this plate click here to print and fill out this order form. Fax it to the number on the form.

Due to manufacturing limitations, our glass plates are produced in limited quantities. First come, first served. If you see something you like you should order it quickly. Seasonal glass might not be manufactured again until the following season.

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Mirrored Effect Plates
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Streamer Effect Plates
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