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Junior Version 3 is Ready to Go -- And So Are You!
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You know the holidays are coming and you have a lot to do and not a lot of money to spend right now. So it would be a grossly inappropriate time for us to ask for money from you when what you just need is help. So here’s the help—worry about the money later.

Version 3 of the Junior Jewelry Content Management System is ready to go. There are the essential blogs and catalog features that are necessary to sell your products there’s a lot more going on. This is not about eCommerce—just get your customers interested at all first!

• Wedding Registries are now standard
• Your customers can create Wish Lists
• We are hooking your entire catalog to be viewed and “Liked” on Facebook.
• We’re inputting the products you need without you having to worry about it. Tell us the designer and we’ll get the goods up there.

You may be thinking that if you have a site up, that’s probably good enough for now with the holidays coming. That may be, but maybe not if they’re using a phone. iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads, and Windows Media Phones are outselling PCs. If your website is not accessible for a mobile device, you have lost your customers that happen to be anywhere other than at a keyboard. Want your customers to have access to mobile-only coupons so that they’ll WANT to run over to your store for a cleaning, a percentage off an old dog, or a tote bag with purchase? Done.

We’re also giving you the opportunity to give a new facelift to your PC-version site and revamp it for the impending new year! Additional bonuses include pre-paid post cards you hand out to your customers. They return them to us and we put the glowing reviews they write on Google Local, Merchant Circle, and more! Plus we’ll create a QR code for you so people with mobile phones can be outside your door and learn even more about you when you’re closed for the day.

You are entitled to all of this now for a deposit (we have to ask for something up front, don’t we?) of $497. But then it’s clear til December when you pay the last 4 payments of $497—WHILE you’re making money in the store because you’re giving access to your merchandise 24/7 and encouraging your customers to come by.

This is not a SHOW SPECIAL… this is the SEASON OF GIVING. And we know it is best to receive, so please allow us the opportunity to give you a truly green Christmas.

Shoot us an email at or call us at (888) 872-0274

What were those features again?

• Mobile Device Version of Your Site!
• Support
• Training
• Do It Yourself Content Management System
• Redesign Facelift to Your Site
• Wedding Registry w/ customer accounts
• Wishlists w/ customer accounts
• Facebook Integration
• Articles and Newsletter Publishing
• Custom Pre-Loaded Catalogs that work with Facebook, Wishlists, & Mobile Devices!
• QR Codes for Your Door
• Store Blog Directly on Your Site
• Postcards for Reviews


$497 at sign-up
and then 5 More Payments of $497 starting in December

AFTER you've started to make money from giving your customers what they need and want.

+ $297 for a year of hosting (due when your cycle is up, not before)


12 payments of $141.44
and then $197 a month thereafter (approx. this time 2011)

This option gets you education, continuous upgrades to the site (Jr has seen at least 3 dozen modifications between version 2 and version 3), and support for all your web needs.

Shoot us an email at or call us at (888) 872-0274 to get started!
Let us help you.