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These are just SOME examples of sites that we have put together. Invariably, we receive emails and phone calls from jewelers who want to see examples of "what we've done for other jewelers."

We understand putting a design with a face is important for a website company but stress that the decisions made for each jeweler took into the marketing and style of each individual jewelry store.
This design combines a black background and a rich wine and gold to bring out the elegance and taste the store provides for their community.
Incorporating large, bold graphics that bring to mind a series of billboards that rotate on the homepage, this jeweler understands different things will catch the eye of their customers--so they include them all!
J. Thomas Jewelers began their website exposure with a white background, and when they rebranded, they looked to a darker backdrop and a deep lilac to compliment.
When you go to West Essex Jewelers' location after going to their website, you will know immediately where you are and feel at home. They have wisely included prominent shots of the inside of their store in their header to bridge the gap of their designer collections and their physical business location.
Every jewelry store has a core business, and for Padgett's Jewelry, it is their bridal collections and their giftware. Including a bridal registry was essential for their website.
For Rogers Fine Jewelers, it was necessary to list their vendors so that their customers knew who they were coming into the store to see.
Featuring extensive jewelry catalog content, Drake's Jewelry includes their collections for their customers to peruse.
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