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Jewelry vendors need a slightly different approach. Your websites do not need to interact with consumers as much as the retailer's sites do. Instead, your websites need to showcase your products in the most glamorous way possible.

The vendor website needs to have over sized photographs, and a very attractive style.

We have a retailer locater based on a zip code search and you can use our Product Management system to create a trade only online ordering system.

Through our CMS you can also publish media ads that your retailers can download for their local advertising campaigns. Imagine the money you can save every year when your customer service reps do not have to send out CDs of images; everything can be downloaded.

We take the same approach creating vendor websites as we do with the retailers, but typically each vendor website requires a lot more unique design work.

Basic Vendor Website Plan

Determined Upon Your Needs
Cancel anytime; there's no minimum buy-in of monthly service

You pick 3 designs, we narrow it to 1 and create your site-editing area (called Junior); site goes up in a month, ready for your content to be put in by you. We will train you on how to add what you need to per page/item and life is good.
Basic Vendor Website Plan
eComm Vendor Website Plan

If you are manufacturer or seller of jewelry, you may be interested in selling your lines of jewelry on the web. This is one of the most frequent questions that we get from potential customers and customers that have been online for a few years. Usually, it's a case-by-case business. If you have this question, we're going to respond with some questions of our own.
eComm Vendor Website Plan
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