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Here at we want to provide your jewelry store with the most up to date design ideas and the best possible Jewelry Web Templates for your retail store. Our typical customers meticulously design and arrange their stores to enhance buyer's experience. The in person impression your retail jewelry store makes is very important to correspond to the beauty, fire and brilliance of the jewelry that will become a treasured family heirloom.

Don't be surprised when we tell you that the same amount of time and effort spent in designing your store should also be spent in designing your website. After all, your website needs to impress people if you will ever attract the attention of the internet shopper looking to spend three months salary on an engagement ring.

Below you will find our current selection of Jewelry Website Templates to help build a brand for your jewelry shop or jewelry boutique. However we don't simply want you pick one of these Jewelry Website Templates and set up a website. That is not how we work. Once you select a template we will recolor it to match your jewelry store and provide examples before we create your site.

If it's more than a color or a simple web template color change we will also fully modify the Jewelry Website Template until you are satisfied.

As a reminder of what we mentioned above, the Jewelry Website Templates shown here, like the luxury diamond ring in your showcase, are simply our best jewelry templates currently available. But remember that they are only the initial samples of what we do.

When you pick one, we will show you a live site using that template. Each website we provide also comes with a certain level of custom design. Similar to how you may design your custom jewelry and show it to your customer before creating the wax mold, we will provide you with website design variations using your chosen Jewelry Website Template. We will provide up to 8 website design examples with varying colors and slight layout changes. Once you have approved the final website mock up we will continue building your website.

When a young man first arrives in your store looking for that perfect diamond for his perfect woman, he probably have only a little knowledge of what a diamond is. Of course he probably searched online to find out about the 4Cs of Diamonds and maybe he is even cavalier enough to bring a printout from a loose diamond website like Blue Nile. In this situation you have the opportunity to provide your personalized service, to educate, and to build a life long relationship. We mention this antidote to draw a parallel between you and your customers and what you are doing right now. You are looking through our website for information and ideas to create a jewelry website for your jewelry business. Just as you would educate that young man, we well educate you with the current internet trends and how they can be used on your jewelry store website.

When it comes to creating your jewelery store website, we assure you that our Jewelry Website Templates married to our Jewelry Web Design and Jewelry Web Programming service will produce a really impressive online brand and attract a lot of site visitors and potential customer from your local market and beyond.

In case you are wondering, the design of is actually one of the available templates. We wanted you to see exactly how one of these Jewelry Website Templates provides great quality, usability and a spectacular appearance akin to RB, VS1, E diamond stud earrings.

As you can see, we spent a lot of time writing this page so your would not only see our best Jewelry Website Template designs, but also come to realize that we understand the jewelry industry and your terminology. We have services more than 200 independent jewelry retailers world wide and we are happy to offer their names for reference.

Although you are looking at Jewelry Website Templates, do not worry that you will receive a cookie cutter website. With there is no such thing as a cookie cutter website. We invite you to search the web for another jewelry web design or jewelry web programming company that can provide our same level of outstanding functionality and easy of customization for a better price. Maybe that young man did come in your store with a printout of diamonds (and they ARE diamonds, not stones) from Blue Nile, and it was your job to convince him to purchase a better quality diamond from your collection instead. Similarly, we will gladly compare our service to any other company servicing the jewelry industry. In fact, we'll gladly give you a list of our competitors to check out for yourself. We are as confident in our service as you are in yours.

We want you to be comfortable with our jewelry web design and jewelry web programming services. You own a jewelry boutique and spend a lot of time running your business. You have experts creating your traditional print radio and television marketing. There are experts in every form of marketing, and has provided 25 years of expert website design and website programming, and built or redesigned more than 500 websites, 260 of them are skillfully custom designed using a Jewelry Website Template for the initial concept.

Our team can create almost any type of customization. Customization of your Jewelry Website Template can be as simple as changing the colors, text, pictures and photos. But it also includes custom website programming features that you thought of yourself. Perhaps you have a simple personalized service that only you can provide in your local market, or perhaps your bench jeweler has highly sought after repair skills. When it comes to creating custom web applications, we can take your ideas from initial concept to prototyping to final application very rapidly.

Our ultimate achievement is to present you a website of stunning quality that tells your story, highlights your personalized service and presents every one of those genuine works of craftsmanship you have displayed in your jewelry store. Perhaps only once in his lifetime will that young man present a precious ring to his beloved, the moment is special for them, and want to offer our Jewelry Website Templates, and our jewelry website design service to you in the hopes that you will attract more customers.

Your website efforts do not stop once your jewelry website is created from one of our templates. Once your website is launched, we can provide our own training and expertise with search engine optimization, tracking the success of your offline marketing through your site visitors, and the overall understanding of what your website can do for you.
Full Template Collection

Full Template CollectionTo keep your cost down, we have several professionally designed web site templates for you to choose from. With redesigned templates you do not have to pay for the large fees associated with unique web designs.
Designs shown below are currently based on multiple business needs. Appropriate images will be replaced where needed for use in the jewelry industry, so do not hesitate to explore the many sections available to you. More templates are added often.
Full Template Collection
Color Library

Color LibraryIt was FF0000 and yellow and green and brown, and scarlet and black and ochre and peach, and ruby and olive and violet and fawn, and FF00FF and gold and chocolate and mauve, and cream and crimson and silver and rose, and azure and lemon and russet and grey, and purple and white and pink and orange, and red and FFFF00 and green and brown and, scarlet and black and ochre and peach, and ruby and olive and violet and fawn, and lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve, and cream and crimson and C0C0C0 and rose, and azure and lemon and russet and grey, and purple and white and pink and orange, and 0000FF!
Color Library
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