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Take Better Jewelry Photos in Your Light Box

Working with Glassical of Denville, NJ (a dicroic glass plate and jewelry manufacturer) we have created a glass insert system for a light box.

Now you can take professional quality photos with ease, regardless of the quality of your camera, or your level of experience.

Ever wonder why jewelry is photographed on a white background? Ever stop to think if that even makes any sense?

Through many years of tracking how users click from page to page, we can say with absolute certainty that consumers would rather look at photos with color than pure white backgrounds.

All jewelers know that jewelry takes on the color of whatever is near. Skin tones, clothing, room lighting, etc. So why is jewelry photographed on pure white backgrounds if the consumer will never ever see the jewelry in that type of lighting?

Here's our solution: A system of glass plates that fit in most light boxes that easily increases the attraction of your photographs and increases sales.

Green, Spring 112-50
Streamer Black
Blue Egg 116-50
Pink, Spring

Browse the Glass Plate Catalog, print out the order form and fax your order to Radiant Essentials today. Within a few days you will be photographing like a professional!

Click Here to view the Glass Plate Catalog

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