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Anna and Matt

This collection of memories is told from the perspective of a mother and son. These stories include gift-gifting and decorations around the house.

  Video Segments:

- Anna

- Anna & Matt (Mother/Son Memories)

- Joel

- Joel & Kathleen (Husband/Wife Memories)

- Dianna

- Kathleen

Option 1
ANNA/MATT: The Lights

running times - 1:32/3:05

When selecting this video, you get both the short edit that will be connected QR code on the greeting card and the longer version, to which they are invited to view at the end of the short edit.

Option 2
ANNA/MATT: Sick on Christmas

running time - 1:32

Option 3
ANNA/MATT: Stockings Laid Out

running time - 1:41

Option 4
ANNA/MATT: Sled Riding

running time - 1:30

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