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Total Search Engine Optimization & Markering for Jewelry Websites

Before we start any SEO project we need to research your market and thoroughly review your website. This research and review process will go as deeply as needed according to the type of SEO work you request.

SEO is a very tedious process and most of the time you can't see the results for several months. There are a lot of SEO professionals and it's difficult for you to choose the correct company that will increase your business visibility on the internet.

Here at we want you to know what we are doing, and we want you to understand it all. We follow the SEO techniques that are researched, confirmed and published by the Jeweler Website Advisory Group (

Depending on the level of service you request we will provide you with different monthly reports. We use a few different paid tools (included in your monthly service fee) to maintain and monitor SEO projects. You will receive reports from these tools.

We have no magic smoke. We will give you a progress report every month. You will need to give us administrative rights to change your website.

Jewelers using the Junior CMS will receive a discount on their monthly SEO management fee. The Junior CMS makes managing your SEO very easy and we provide a discount to those using that content management system.

  This is a list of potential services available as part of our monthly SEO service.

• Long-Term SEO Plan Outline
• Monthly Reports
• Keywords: changes per page
• Google Webmaster Analysis
• Google Analytics Analysis
• XML Sitemaps
• Robots.txt
• rewriting HTML tags
• Improving URL structure
• Improving Meta Desc
• Improve on page content
• Improve alt image attributes
• navigation recommendations
• improve SEO of blogs
• Improve landing pages
• renaming of imags
• improve nofollow usage in site
• 301 Redirects Check
• 404 Page Check
• fixing blog posts that hurt you
• speed up website┬ž
• Improve internal linking
• A/B testing to increase ROI
• Correct internal, hurtful linking
• Dup content protection
• Setup of Directory Websites
• DMOZ Submission
• Blekko Submission
• Conversion Tracking
• e-commerce tracking
• improve user experience
• Local Community Link Building
• Content Writing
Let us help you.