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Timeliness of Updating QR Code related Websites

We hope by now you realize that the idea of QR Code advertising is to use the barcode any place where your customers are not at home or at their computer, yet they are willing to give partial attention to reading a mobile website that they request to view.

In previous posts given you ideas how to use these you probably want to know how to get these codes for yourself and make them work, we're going to give you those tools in another blog post, but today we want to pause and explain the power of timeliness in QR Code advertising.

We always say it's important to keep your website updated on a regular basis, but when it comes to QR Code advertising you need to make a choice between using the QR Code to direct people to you, or offer them an incentive on the spot.

The QR Reader will direct the person to a mobile version of your website. In other words, a website created specifically for use on a cell phone. Yes, you could direct a QR Code to your normal website, but you'd be missing the point and just wasting your money.

QR Code users are tech savvy and hungry for reasons to use this technology, they also expect that the providers of QR Codes understand mobile.

Mobile jewelry websites ("mobi sites") are very simple mostly text based websites that tied directly in with your ad, or provide abbreviated information about your jewelry or jewelry repair service. Remember, most people will be on their feet, perhaps even walking when reading this website, so make it easy to read and use.

QR Reader Applications will save previously scanned codes. That means someone can re-visit your mobi site in the future. Your mobi site needs to get to the point real fast, make the offer and invite the person to visit your store.

Think like a tourist, what would they want to read, and what would compel them to take time from their vacation to stop in your jewelry store? Come up with a few reasons and you might just get yourself some new customers.

These text websites don't have to be part of your existing website. You could get another domain name with the .mobi extension. So if you have then you could get The alternative is to use a sub-domain like

Your .mobi website will be simple text based, extremely fast to load on a cell phone where bandwidth is always a premium. It also should not be more than 400 words on each of your 4 or 5 pages. The goal is to get them into the store. Be as brief as possible and get to the point right away.

The final point to convey today is freshness. If someone scans your QR Code your website URL will automatically be saved in their phone. Depending on your target audience you will need to update the landing page of your .mobi site at least once a month, perhaps once a week if you are targeting tourists as was explained in yesterday's Gold Nugget.

Let us help you.